Building a hive stand on Plan Bee

When my wife arrived @  Plan Bee our son, his family and a family friend were busy as bees working on building a hive stand for the bee hives we were planning on settling there.  In Charlotte our hive stands are made out of 2×8 pressure treated lumber and cinder blocks to elevate our hives 20″ off the ground. 

A little bee terminology for you armchair beekeepers.  A colony refers to the bees. A colony has one queen, worker bees (all female) and drones (all males).  A colony of bees is housed in a beehive.  Beehives are the white boxes most are used to seeing.  These white boxes, beehives, are balanced or rest on hive stands.  The hive stands are used to stabilize the beehives and keep them off the ground.  If you have your beehives too close to the ground you expose your bees to predators.  The predators include other insects such as hive beetles, wax moths and ants.  Other predators can include skunks and bears.  Keeping the hive at least 20″ off the ground will help protect the colony from insects and skunks.  As for bears, the 20″ won’t help. Below is a sequence of pictures we  took to show how our hive stand was built and inspected.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to our son and his friends, things are shaping up @ Plan Bee.  We are starting to put the Bee in Plan Bee.

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